Thursday, January 24, 2013

HughesNet - satellite internet.... sometimes

If you're thinking of ordering HughesNet satellite internet, take a look at this photo and ask yourself if this is something you're going to want to see often:

I receive this error a lot with HughesNet.  Most of the time, it'll happen when I'm trying to access some websites but not others, and the situation usually gets resolved within a couple of hours.

This morning, I was unable to access any websites, and received the above error regardless of which site's URL I tried to access.

I will try contacting HughesNet customer service to ask about this, but after my last experience with them, I don't expect much.

Dial HughesNet's sales line, and your call will be answered immediately.  Try calling their customer service, and you'll get a recording that you may have to wait for twenty or thirty minutes before you're assisted.