Friday, February 4, 2011

The original reason the Aspen Skiing Company will never see another penny of revenue from me

When I moved to Colorado in 2001, I was advised to purchase a "Classic Pass" from the Aspen Skiing Company.  At that time, their four-day pass cost $99.  This season, they offer the Classic Pass only in a five-day version for a price of $259.

If that seems like a big price increase, it is.  The average per-day rate jumped from $24.75 to $51.80 - and increase of 109%

During that same time period, the Consumer Price Index (CPI), or inflation rate, increased by 23%.

Why is the Aspen Skiing Company raising prices at nearly five times the rate of inflation?

When they jack up prices so high that the choice is between a day of skiing and buying a week's worth of groceries, I'm opting for the groceries. 

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